Seeking • Finding • Healing

The Complete Guide to Inner Family Healing

The Inner Family Healing model provides you with the foundation and tools to access younger parts of yourself that may need help in resolving and healing historical experiences. Whether using the self-guided model outlined in my New Book or working directly with me, I believe you, too, can experience an Inner Family Healing.


The Four Stages of Healing

Meet the Author

Becky L. Jackson

Creator of the Inner Family Healing Model

I began my recovery path in 1974 by arresting an eating addiction and chemical dependencies. By taking a serious illness approach, I created the foundation for my forty-five plus years of being in remission from all addictions.

In 1976, I began my inner family healing path by designing tools to access inner wisdoms and younger ages who needed attention and healing. I created meditations, visualizations, and writing exercises to assist me on my path to healing and wholeness.

With the publication of Seeking . . . Finding . . . Healing . . . The, Complete Guide to Self-Directed Inner Family Healing, I present a path for those who want a resolution to their historical pain and are open-minded, willing, and courageous enough to trudge through this difficult work.

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Work With Me

In my individual work, I guide clients along their Foundation path where they identify, clarify and embrace the loving parental characteristics their younger selves need, deserve, and have yearned for.

Along this path, I also help the client discover a “village” of inner spiritual resources that bring needed support to their healing path. Additionally, I guide them in acquiring an outer support team to further enrich and support their healing process.